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 ARTIST:Wayne Robbie Wayne completed two artists residencies ending in April 2004. Known as the 'Tin Man', his works in iron and found materials are highly sought after. .CLICK ON IMAGE  


Commission; N.S.W., National Parks Service

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From: diball222@yahoo.com.au   (23 Sep 2010)
Love the pelican Commission and the roos. All good!

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From: Victoire   (06 Jan 2013)
I found a bug in the implementation: the box does not saeprd evenly around its position. If you place a box at the position (0,0). You should see 1/4 of it but only 1/3 is visible.It happens you did not take into account that a CCSprite has an anchorPoint of (0.5,0.5) by default when you compute each tile's posotion. Setting their anchorPoint to (0,0) fixes the issue.Here is the corrected code.CCSprite *b = [CCSprite spriteWithBatchNode:self rect:rect];b.anchorPoint = CGPointZero;b.position = ccp(i * cellSize, j * cellSize);You can find the fixed project here cheers

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