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acrylic on Arches paper.
Print size 205 x 440mm

From: Etta Ashwell   (28 Nov 2012)
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From: Marta   (06 Jan 2013)
, my experience with this has been a bit hit and miss. For some aeilctrs the delays in hearing back from the authors spoil the spontaneity in writing the pieces. They’re blog posts after all. If they’re things I’m planning, it’s less of a bother to wait.But I own a DSLR or 2…As you might remember, my photo gear is an old film Nikon. I’d love to buy a DSLR—then I could get back to photography, which I loved—but it’s pretty hard to make it a budget priority at the moment. There’s also that I’m not sure if I’d have time to get good enough at it again to satisfy myself! The same time could be spent on writing or a dozen other things, too, particularly tramping.

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